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What is a bidet?

According to Wikipedia, a bidet "is a bowl or receptacle designed to be sat on for the purpose of washing the human genitalia, perineum, inner buttocks, and anus. The modern variety includes a plumbed-in water supply and a drainage opening, and is thus a type of plumbing fixture subject to local hygiene regulations. The bidet is designed to promote personal hygiene, and is used after defecation, and before and after sexual intercourse, especially by females. In several European countries, a bidet is today required by law to be present in every bathroom containing a toilet bowl."

How is a Cheap Ass Bidet™ different from a standard bidet?

Cheap Ass Bidet™ is a minimalist design for a bidet. It's simply a high-quality 5-foot flexible vinyl tube attached to your sink spout. Since it's connected to the water from your sink, you can adjust the temperature to your preference. Installation takes 1 minute, and it takes just a moment to disconnect or reconnect.

With the Cheap Ass Bidet™ you can wash yourself quickly with soap and water while sitting on the toilet, with no need to shop for toilet paper. Just dry off with a towel as you normally would after a shower.

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Cheap Ass Bidets, $12 each. Free shipping included.
Contains: 1 x 5' flexible vinyl tube, 1 washer for insertion in sink spout, 1 rubber band to hold the tube in place.
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